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Window Replacement

Bow Or Bay Window Style? It’s Time To Make A Selection


While considering options for window replacement, there would be quite a few to choose from. Two most popular kinds are bow and bay windows that have some similarities along with some differences to identify the most suitable one. So before finalizing any option, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible so that people can have better idea about what features they would be able to enjoy.

The best thing about these windows is that they are appealing and offer an incredible level of modern elegance plus, their larger size means enlarged view that allows inhabitants to enjoy a beautiful evening with their loved ones. Another reason is that these window types extend or protrude out of the home, thus creating an angled arc or arc for additional space. The area can be used for creating window seats, housing plants, simply left open or for creating the illusion and feel that increases size of the room.

Similarity and Difference

  • Bay Windows

Bay window type has been famous for years but after bow windows are introduced, they are losing significance. The bay style consists of three window panes of different sizes, having a larger middle pane with two smaller windows, referred to as flankers and are set at an angle between 30 to 40 degrees.

They are normally made up of double hung components for maximum ventilation. They are ideal for large windows having unobstructed view which gives refreshing feel and appropriate ventilation. So, what are the features that create a difference with bow windows?

  • Bow Windows

Bow windows are made up of 3 to 6 windows, having the same size. Their design is a unique factor as it gives curved look and angular feel to the room. It ensures ventilation but the thing to keep in mind is that the amount of hardware would affect the level of unobstructed view.

Whatever be the choice, Total Home Windows and Doors explains that proper installation is a necessary factor because it is responsible for determining home’s worth. Since windows are the focal point of any home, they have to be attractive and performance oriented.

Some Differentiating Factors

Apart from similarities, homeowners can go for customization and can add features according to their requirements. For example, they can follow “the larger the window size, the better the outside view” to add or less window panes. Though, if someone wants to restore obstructed view, it is recommended to add multiple smaller square-framed windows.

A bay window is referred to as a picture window having a larger one in the middle with smaller windows on both sides. The windows usually projects farther from the wall as compared to bow windows, thus providing more interior space. On the contrary, bow windows are responsible for providing more natural light as the design has more glass panes to keep the rooms brighter. They also have a unique feature to wrap around the side of the home. And yes, their prices are a bit higher than traditional window styles but their tradeoffs are what influence people to choose them, meaning that they would be able to get good return.