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Importance of the Valves Explained with Simple Examples

Valves are commonly used worldwide for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. The most commonly used valves are the check valves. These types of valves are used to prevent the backflow of fluids and to ensure the unidirectional flow of any kind of fluid. These valves prevent the reverse flow and this is why these are called check valves. There are different types of check valves available in market. Each of these valves have different specifications and is designed for different purposes.

The type of valves varies on the basis of their functionality and type of the fluid passing through them. The most commonly used check valve in the market is ball check valves. These valves uses a ball as the fluid blocking. When the fluid pushes the valves with pressure, the ball is pushed against the spring and provides space for the flow of the fluid. After the flow is stopped, the ball comes to its original position. If due to some reason, the fluid starts to flow backwards, the ball will not allow it to pass through and will block the passage.

The valves which uses spring to stop the backward flow are also called spring check valves. Not all the valves use balls for blocking of flow. Spring check valves use a lid like blockage, which is pushed against the spring when the fluid passes through pressure. And when flow is reversed, the lid comes back to original position and blocks the passage. The spring check valves are most commonly used valves and they are cheap.

Valves are normally made of metals such as brass, steel, iron and other materials. Each type of valve is designed for different kind of fluids and flow. Some valves sustain less pressure while some types of valves sustain high pressure. Each valve is designed for different purposes and different uses. These kind of valves are widely used in plumbing in almost every home. The other applications of check valves include autos braking system, sewerage systems, construction tools and hydraulic pumps, where there is danger of backflow of fluid.

Another type of valves which is used very commonly is Boiler fill valves. These kind of valves are used in the boilers where extreme pressure is built up. This valve is designed to release the extra pressure from the boiler when the pressure rises more than a certain number. The valve releases the excessive pressure to ensure the safety of boiler. The pressure can be released in the form of water or any other fluid. The boiler fill valves are mostly made with brass, steel and iron. Each material is suitable for different pressure conditions and sustains different pressure levels.

The valves are used to ensure the safety of the boilers, pipes and other equipment. All the safety measures must be taken in industries, houses and other commercial units. We should always use best quality valves to make sure our system is working safely. A small mistake can cause severe damage to not only machines, but also to the human lives.