How To Improve Your Home’s Energy Performance

An energy-efficient home will always provide a more comfortable and healthy environment. There are various ways you can improve your home’s energy performance. Some of the methods involve small changes made by your family and some involve bigger changes that can be made by a home performance improvement contractor.

5 small steps you can take to improve your home’s energy performance:

Homeowners are sometimes unaware of how much energy they waste while living in their home. They become used to the high energy bills and assume it is a part of being a homeowner. However, small changes in the way homeowners use energy, can make a huge difference in the home’s energy performance.

1. Thermostat: In summer keep the thermostat above 78 degrees. In winter keep it below 75 degrees (specifically, 68-70 degrees during the day and 55-60 degrees during the night). This reduces the use of energy from 3-5 percent. Ensure your thermostat has automatic regulatory features that will allow you to set it for the times you are away from the home.

2. Air-conditioner: Ensure the air conditioner is the optimal size for your home and properly installed for best energy use.

3. Air vents: Ensure your air vents are regularly cleaned and are not being blocked by furniture or window treatments.

4. Landscaping: Plant trees and shrubs near the house. Make sure they are at the appropriate distances away. The leaves and vines will help keep the dead air space cool and create an external and natural insulation.

5. Window Treatments: Make sure you have window treatments that help reduce drafts and excess sunshine keeping the temperature in your home regulated.

5 Steps a Home Performance Improvement Contractor can make to boost your home’s energy performance:

While the small steps you take will help improve your home’s energy performance, it is the work done as a result of a home assessment test that will really boost the energy performance of your home.

1. Air Sealing

A house built under sustainable construction takes into account air movements and weather proofing. However, most other homes have many ways by which air leaks cause a waste of energy. These areas such as utility entrance points, duct and vent systems, must be identified and sealed.

2. Insulation

Your home has to be adequately insulated, the basement, the walls, the attic and crawl spaces. Optimal insulation can reduce the waste of energy up to 30 percent. The insulation works by establishing the thermal boundary there by decreasing the heating or cooling needed to condition the flow of air in the home.

3. Heating and cooling systems

Ensuring the heating and cooling systems in your home are energy-efficient is essential. Your home improvement contractor can help assess and if necessary, install more efficient models.

4. Appliances, Lighting and More

The type of appliances you use, the lighting system and bulbs, doors and windows all contribute to waste of energy. If they are not energy-efficient they will cause your energy bills to pile up. It is essential that your home be assessed to ensure it is energy efficient.

5. Remodeling

Often, older homes may require basic home remodeling to ensure that the building becomes more energy- efficient. This may include anything from small improvements to major renovations. However, the end result always provides more value for your home.

Improving Your Home’s Energy Performance

A homeowner does not need to make all the improvements at one time, rather contact a local home improvement Professional and get a home evaluation. A good contractor should also be able to advise you on financing resources such as tax credit, rebates and low interest or no interest loans. Finally, You must commit to getting the energy improvement work done. A good tip is to engage in what we call opportunity savings which is the reduction in cost of energy upgrades when timed to coincide with other necessary building maintenance. For example, add extra layers of rigid foam insulation to your exterior walls when executing a planned re-siding project.

How to Improve Your Home Security With the Voice Alert Home Alarm

Home security is becoming a bigger issue today than ever. Part of the reason for this is homeowners make their homes such easy targets. According to national authorities, nearly 90% of all burglaries can be avoided and close to 40% of them occur through unlocked doors and windows.

Homeowners can take some simple preemptive steps to improve their home security. Some examples are removing trees and shrubs that provide hiding places in front of the house, joining a neighborhood watch or putting up some warning signs about guard dogs. Although steps can help improve your home security.

One of the best home security systems you can have is called the voice alert home alarm. It is an annunciator system, that once hooked up “announces” the presence of anyone in your protected areas. This makes it very good for businesses too like warehouses, retail operations and separate buildings. It is a great deterrent for home invasions, which are becoming an increasingly frequent problem for homeowners.

The system comes with a base unit and one wireless sensor. You can add five more sensors if you want. You record a message for each area into your base unit and when the wireless sensor picks up motion in that area the base unit “announces” that someone is there.

The sensors use passive infrared technology and work up to 1000 feet in open space covering almost 1600 square feet in each zone. This system is good for yard security, driveway security, pool security and external perimeter security. The unit also has four relays that can be used for home devices like automatic lighting and electric fence controls.

When you need a simple inexpensive wireless security system for home or small business the voice alert home alarm could be just what you are looking for. Make your home or business more secure right now with voice alert alarm.

When are you getting one?

How to Improve Your Home Business Website Ranking by Using Keywords in Your Page Titles

Using keywords in your page titles can greatly improve your home business website ranking in the search engines. Your main objective is to get maximum visibility for your site, and to achieve this you will have to use whatever tools, tips and and resources available. The search engines are consistently changing their algorithms and the way how they rank sites, but there are some things that remain constant.

The search engine spiders are always busy accessing data from different websites in order to update their database of information. They are looking for some specific things including your website title, description, meta tags, site-map, unique content, and others. Now, while they are always fine-tuning their approach to this activity, the basics of having a good title, description, and unique content continue to play a dominant role in the process.

While you might have a main title for your site, each individual page should have its own unique title. This title should be placed in the title tag between the and . Whatever words are placed there will appear in the title bar of your visitor’s browser when they visit your site. The most effective way to utilize this space is to place your keyword or key phrase there that you are targeting for that specific page.

Now, the actual text that you use in the title tag will play a critical role in how a search engine may decide to rank your web page. Here is why this is so important. All major web crawlers will use the text of your title tag as the title of your page in their listings. It is all about relevance, so care should be taken to have your web page content related to its title.

Many of the websites online are designed with a number of linked pages and not just a single home page. If your website is designed this way, then for you to improve your home business website ranking you will have to optimize each individual page separately. This can be done simply by placing the appropriate keyword or key phrases in your page title tags.

Having a unique combination of keywords and key phrases on your pages will not only improve your website ranking, but will also attract visitors from the search engines like clockwork. These people will be typing in the search terms that you are targeting and the search engines will reward you by sending them to your website.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made by home business owners when they first designed their website is to use their business name, or their personal name in the title of their pages. Unless you are a household name, or your business is already established, this is a complete waste of this resource. Most of your prospects will not know anything about you or your business yet to be searching for those terms.

While this may seem like the logical thing to do, your title tags can be used much more effectively towards improving your search engine ranking. Now I am not saying that creating awareness and branding for your home business is not important, but this can be accomplished more easily by providing value to the marketplace. There are many ways to do this like writing and submitting high quality articles, creating a training blog, or visiting forums and offering your expert advice.

Using your keywords in your web page title tags can greatly contribute towards improving your ranking in the search engines for your home business website. This will be an on-going process that will take time and some effort on your part, but if you stick with it your home business will continue to provide a lucrative financial source of income for years to come.

Use Creativity To Improve Your Home

It is important that you have a creative impulse when you are thinking about making home improvements. Even if you do not think of yourself as a creative person, you can consult design resources and look at other homes to develop your creative side.

To improve your home you must first have a good understanding of the kinds of things you like. You should imagine your home with the types of improvements you are considering, taking in account your particular tastes and personality. For example, if you favor an exotic look, you could use jungle wallpaper and mirrored tiles. If you feel good when you imagine the potential changes as a reality in your home, by all means, go ahead and make it happen!

Many home improvements are surprisingly affordable. You can change the look of a bathroom for just a few hundred dollars. And while you may think that you can’t do such complicated work yourself, you are wrong. If you can read instructions and follow them, you can do most home improvement jobs yourself. Remember, the cost of a remodel pales next to the value that it will add to your home – not to mention your attitude! Since you will be improving the quality of the home, you will be able to reap considerably more value if you want to sell it or take out a loan than it will cost to make most improvements.

Putting in new tile is much less expensive than you probably think. Mirror tiles, cork tiles, and ceramic tiles are relatively inexpensive. This is especially true for bathrooms where only a low number of tiles are usually required. Mirrored tiles may could about $100, but even if you wanted to put mirrors on every wall of the bathroom, you would still probably spend only a little more if you comparison-shop for your materials at different stores. You’ll need to get certain tools and materials in addition to the tiles if you want to use them on wall or floors. These materials are not expensive either. You will need primer, sealer, and plaster if your walls have holes or cracks in them. Kits containing all these materials are available for about $20. Tools might cost a little more if you select the most expensive ones, but since you will then own these tools, it can be considered an investment. The tiles themselves will be the most expensive materials required to remodel a bathroom unless you decide to replace the fixtures as well.

The cost of a bath or kitchen remodel may seem high in the beginning, but you must consider that any improvements you make will add to the value of your home and also make you feel better about yourself. And your home will reflect more of your real tastes and personality.