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Smart Tech in the Bedroom: 4 Smart Weapons in the War on Insomnia

It was only a matter of time until smart technology made its way into the bedroom. Nowadays, if you have some cash to burn, winning the fight against insomnia can be as easy as ordering a piece of smart bedroom technology. While it may seem silly at first to infuse smart tech with mattresses, you be the judge:

The Sleep Number 360 Adjusts Itself to Prevent Snoring

In a nutshell, the Smart Number 360 is an automatic adjustable bed with a mind of its own. One of its most useful and well-reviewed features is the fact that it adjusts your body if you start snoring or fidgeting in the middle of the night, providing support that can let you (and your partner) enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Seriously, it has different sections and air chambers that allows the bed to match the shape of your body and your sleeping position to provide the utmost comfort. The same air chambers can also adjust how firm or soft the mattress is. It’s even divided into two sides to provide customized support for co-sleepers. Another awesome feature is how the bottom of the bed warms your feet to get you ready for sleep.

As the Smart Number adjusts to give you and your partner the utmost comfort, all of the data (including your heart rate, motion, and breathing) is tracked via SleepIQ, an app that allows you to see how you’ve been sleeping via your phone. If you have any doubts about how long this type of advanced technology can last without problems in your bedroom, Sleep Number offers a 25-year warranty.

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow: Snoring Aid, Bedtime Music, Sleep Tracker, Alarm

Don’t have the cash for a smart mattress? The ZEEQ Smart Pillow is the affordable alternative to somewhat expensive smart beds. And it even comes with a feature that smart mattresses don’t come with: built-in bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to soothing bedtime tunes. Like most modern sleep tech, ZEEQ comes with an app that allows you to check out the sleep data the device collects. The same app allows you to control the music and set gentle alarms via ZEEQ’s vibrating motions (the same vibration motors that allow ZEEQ to influence sleeping positions and curtail snoring).

The only problem with the ZEEQ Smart Pillow is that if you’re seriously interested in getting one for yourself, it looks like you’re going to have to wait.

The ReST Bed is Like the Smart Bed “On Steroids”

Currently, the ReST Bed seems to be the smartest but also most expensive smart mattress available in the market. It comes with all the basics: sleep tracker sensors and tech connected to an app on your phone (ReSTdash), and real-time adjustment to address snoring and shifting sleep positions. What’s really interesting is that it’s much more customizable in terms of personalized support.

Divided into 5 different zones (legs, hips, lumbar, shoulder, and head), the ReST Bed can detect which positions you’re most comfortable with and individually adjust the firmness of each zone via silent ‘whisper quiet pumps’. You can adjust these firmness levels either individually or allow the sensors and app to do so automatically – the choice is yours. Of course, in order to enjoy this awesome piece of sleep tech, you’re going to have to dish out the cash.

Onebed is a Foam, 3-Layered Bed-in-a-Box that Isolates Motion

If you’re not too keen on combining tech and mattresses, why not go for a classic firm, foam mattress. This one comes compressed and delivered in a conveniently sized box. The small size of Onebed’s delivery box allows it to be easily carried up the stairs and into the bedroom without knocking over a bunch of stuff along the way. That’s why it’s called a bed in a box.

You just need to unroll and lay the compressed, flat mattress on your bed frame, pierce the plastic seal, and then watch it decompress into a full-sized mattress ready for use right before your eyes. Apart from that, Onebed’s top layer of latex, middle layer of memory foam, and bottom layer of thick polyurethane gives it the ability to isolate motion (which means that you can get up in the middle of the night without disturbing your partner in bed). It also comes with a 15-year warranty.

While smart technology in the bedroom can seem expensive, they’re also well-reviewed, drug-free, and 100% safe ways to fight insomnia. If at least one of the above products can help you sleep better, every dollar you spent is going to be well worth your trouble.