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Organizing your art and craft supplies

You most likely have lots of crafting odds and ends laying around that get all jumbled together depending on which job you are working on right now if you are a weekend crafter like me.

Over time, I’ve located several methods to arrange my craft and sewing materials in ways that I can, in fact, locate them again once I want them. I could recognize things I no longer wanted and divide the remaining things into logical groups as I went through the procedure for arranging hobby craft work tables. Consequently, I have all my supplies nicely organized and restricted to a corner of an area. Now I will locate things when I need them.

The first thing I did was begin sorting and dump each carton right into a large heap. My stacks were: cross stitch materials, trimming, buttons, quilting equipment, lace, ribbon roses, material scraps, craft books, and misc.

Then I purchased two large Rubbermaid containers (perfect for piling) to keep my equipment in. You might want more based how many supplies you’ve got gathered. Additionally, I purchased some gallon-sized Ziploc bag.

I trim and set and sorted through most of the lace in a single Ziploc bag and trim in another. I set most of the buttons with distinct compartments in a plastic container –sorted by color. Each one of these things, plus other misc. Like styrofoam balls, plastic canvas, contact paper, went into one Rubbermaid container.

All my quilting and cross stitch materials (mainly material scraps and cross stitch cloth) went to the next container.

The bottles and cartons pile at the top of every other and fit nicely underneath a little square “hobby craft work tables ” I’ve set right up in the corner of my home office. It is all out of the way, and everything is readily identified.