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A new deck or patio can give the home a fresh new look

Undertaking home improvement projects can be actions taken out of necessity, such as roof repair or replacement, or HVAC problems that need to be addressed, as extreme temperatures on either end of the thermometer can be very dangerous to the resident’s health. And some improvements made in the home can greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of areas, creating more enjoyable living space as well as increasing the value of the home and property.

Homeowners that decide to install a new deck or patio love the increased outdoor living space they can enjoy during the times of beautiful weather. Installation of a new deck or patio can give the home a fresh new look, and will indeed pay for itself if the homeowner decides to put their home up for sale. It’s an investment that can really be enjoyed and should pay off in the long run.

If a homeowner is looking to install a new deck or patio, their best bet in doing so is to find a company out in the marketplace that specifically specializes in deck and patio construction. This can be especially important to keep in mind if the deck or patio must be built over an uneven or sloped surface. Just about any contractor can come in and build a nice patio or deck on a flat plane surface. But when it comes to these more challenging surfaces, only companies that have the tools, materials, and years of superior experience and proven results with such projects should be brought in. To ensure the job is done professionally, to exacting specifications, installing a deck or patio that provides perfect, seamless drainage, and is beautifully built to last for generations, customers should learn more about companies, like Elevated DeckSystems, that have the expertise to come in and master any deck installation.

Leading companies in the industry will install extremely durable Level.IT and/or Versadjust pedestal systems. The Level.IT features the Bison screw-to-adjust system, making it easy to install on uneven or sloped substrates. Adding LD4 Base Levelers can account for slope compensation. Versadjust adjustable deck supports can accommodate an amazing 1,250 pounds per pedestal. They have built-in base leveling which can be supplemented by LD4 Base Levelers.

Specialized companies, who professionally install patio areas, pool decks, pedestrian walkways, and other areas, will offer top-of-the-line surfaces composed of either wood tiles or hydra pressed pavers.

Bison wood tiles are made of real Ipe, Massaranduba, and Cumaru hardwoods, which are very low-maintenance while providing long-lasting durability. They are Class A fire rated, come in a range of Janka Hardness Ratings and color shades, with some models customizable in size. They are commercial grade and constructed with stainless steel screws. Wood tiles are ideally suited for such exterior surfaces as pool decks, terraces, courtyards, rooftops, and other such areas.

Hydra pressed pavers, strong, durable, and beautiful, are great for pedestrian plazas and terraces, pool decks, and garden patios. Slabs are available in a variety of finishes and colors, including Vancouver Bay, which has a light shot blast finish; and Glacier Slate, which can present a more classic, natural look.

The best companies in the market will work closely with the homeowner, coming up with the most attractive, most durable product available, customized to the homeowners every wish, with product and service 100 percent guaranteed.