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Maintenance of Wood Deck and Fence


You’ve spend plenty of time and penny in your charming new wood fence or wood deck, so now you desire to check that it keeps its attractiveness and worth. With the genuine care and nurture your wooden fence or wooden deck should last for decades. Nothing strikes the warmth and natural looking beauty of wood for a fence or deck. Sad to say, since it is a natural element, always being revealed to weather and the elements is woods biggest enemy.

Taking care for your wood deck or wood fence is not actually that intricate or tough, once you understand what can cause harm to your wood and why. Let’s go over what the biggest threatening remark to your wooden deck and wooden fence are, and then we’ll give you some tips on how best to safeguard them.

Wood’s biggest Foe: The biggest foe of wood is dry rot and wet rot. Both of these will ruin wood, sometimes very fast, if left not cooked. The good news is they are both simple to safeguard your wood fence or wood deck against.

Dry Rot: Dry rot is the most usual, and happens when water has made the wood lose its safety oils and the wood dries out and becomes breakable.

Wet Rot: Wet rot happens when wetness meets wood on an ongoing, continuous basis, usually where posts meet the ground.

Colour your Fence & Deck: The most important thing you can perform to protect your new wood deck or wood fence against both wet rot and dry rot, is to paint it your wooden fence or wooden deck instantly after it is constructed. A good linseed oil based solid or semi-see-through stain is contemplated the best. Wood’s natural shielding skin is its bark, and it has been deprive of this natural protection during the shuffling process. Now the soft fibres inside are displayed to the elements. Painting gives your wood back a same shielding skin against the elements, and the linseed oil will boost and exchange the wood’s natural protective oils. Colouring once a year and after that it is an important part of protecting and caring for your wood.

Keep it Clean & Free of Waste: Another important thing is to keep your wooden deck tidy, clean and clear of waste, by ensuring that you don’t let leaves gather and lay on the wood deck or around the posts of a wooden fence. Leaves and other waste hem in moisture, cause wet rot, and make a perfect mount ground for bugs. Also, if you have large farmers on your wooden deck are sure you move them around often so they don’t leave rings, discolour or cause wet rot. It is as tough and long lasting as teak, for a lot less money. Since, it is so thick, it has a fixed protection to decompose, fungus and bugs. If you need a deck builder, or just for more details about installing or caring for your wood fencing or wood decking at your home in Canada, or any other company, contact canadasgardenland.ca today. Our professionals will guide you with all requirements to get that beautiful, fence or deck you’ve always dreamed of!