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Keeping Cool in Your California Home

While homeowners in the Northeast are interested in installing efficient heating systems to keep their houses warm and their pipes from freezing in the winter, California homeowners have a different agenda. It gets pretty hot in California and running a bunch of window air conditioning units can get very expensive. Summers also last longer in California and winters there are mild at best. Therefore, property owners have to come up with multiple ways to stay cool affordably. Most Los Angeles custom pools are built in-ground so that you can literally go into the backyard and jump into a blanket of coolness. Whether you’re buying a home in California that you’d like to keep cool or you want to refurbish your existing house so that it is more energy efficient, here are some tips that’ll make your energy bill go down.

Let Nature Cool Your Home

On a nice day, you can keep those windows and sliding glass doors open so there’s a constant cross breeze. When it’s rainy and the temperatures outside drop, you also have an opportunity to keep the interior of your house a little cooler. If you keep the windows of your home open when it’s cool and take advantage of the cool weather conditions, you can keep the inside cooler even when it gets hot again outside. Use fans inside of your house to help keep the circulation going and trap in the cool air by closing windows when it’s hot and opening them when it gets breezy. At night, you can find relief by opening the windows, but when the sun comes up and the temperature is over 85 degrees you may want to run the AC, at least for a few hours.

Invest in a Pool

When you have a custom pool in your backyard, you actually don’t care how hot it is because you can find relief by taking a dip. In fact, on the hottest days of the year, you and your family will be excited because you’ll get to spend all day lounging in your pool in order to beat the heat. Homes in California that come with pools have a better resale value and they spend less time on the market because they’re a valuable commodity. Your backyard can be huge or a little on the compact side. Either way, professional pool builders can create a pool that looks great and provides everyone with a place to relax and have fun when it gets especially hot.

Try Vaulted Ceilings

Houses that have significantly raised ceilings are cooler in general. That’s why homes with elevated ceilings in California are actually very popular. Windows in these kinds of homes tend to be taller so they get more air when you open the windows. If possible, have the ceilings raised in your home so that it always feels cool inside.

You can have a pool built in the backyard and go swimming outdoors all year long. Open windows provide a cooling breeze most days, which is another way to keep cool inside your California home. Lastly, vaulted ceilings provide more cool air and make it bearable inside of your home on the hottest days of the year.