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How are aircons serviced and maintained by chemical wash

Maintenance of aircons is extremely important because of the number of hours they usually operate in today’s world and the conditions in which they operate. Aircons not only work 365 days a year, they also work in difficult conditions to provide us comfort. The indoor unit of a split aircon is continuously working to remove excess moisture from the inside air, while the outdoor unit bears the brunt of dust and dirt present in the environment.

One of the most popular techniques of maintaining aircons is by washing with special chemicals.

Chemical wash involves thoroughly cleaning the aircon units and other parts with chemicals specially formulated for the task. It not only cleans the aircon completely, it also destroys all the bacteria that may have grown because of the dirt and moisture in the unit. After the chemical wash, the aircon not only works more smoothly and efficiently, it also delivers air that is odourless and fresh as all the bacteria and dirt is removed from the aircon in the procedure.

Maintaining aircon with chemical wash is a delicate process and hence should always be gotten done from a promising aircon chemical wash company.

Maintenance with chemical was involves using special chemicals to clean each and every part of the aircon, such as-

  1. Outer part of the indoor unit
  2. Air filter installed in the indoor unit
  3. Drainage system of the aircon
  4. Fan evaporated coil
  5. Thermostats of the aircon

Since each part of the aircon is extremely important in its working, extreme care should be taken to service the same with chemical wash, and hence should only be carried out by a promising aircon chemical wash company.

Otherwise, the chances of any small part getting damage in the process can be very high and it will definitely be more than what anyone pays to a promising aircon repair company.