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The Most Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning


If you’ve looked into getting your carpet professionally cleaned, chances are you’ve come across a few old familiar statements. But how much do you really know about carpet cleaning? Chances are that many of the things you thought were true are actually false. To find out what you got wrong and learn how to keep your carpet clean in the process, read on.

You Should Wait Until the Last Possible Moment to Clean Your Carpet

You may have heard that cleaning your carpet is really only something you need to do once in a while when your carpet has become too filthy to even stand. However, this is certainly not the case. In fact, the longer you wait on cleaning your carpet, the harder it’s going to be to extract all the dirt and grime that’s been building up. Think of it in the same way you think about cleaning certain items of clothing. You don’t wait until a particular suit or formal dress smells before taking it to the dry cleaners. Your carpet should be the same way. Getting your carpet to the cleaners on a regular basis is the way to avoid other, larger problems. Setting aside the time to get it professionally cleaned once every few months is basic maintenance.

There’s No Reason to Clean Your Carpet Except to Extract Dirt

While a dirty carpet is definitely the most popular reason for bringing a carpet to get professionally cleaned, it’s certainly not the only one. Nor is it the only benefit to cleaning your carpet on a regular basis. Every time you come into your house from the outside world, you track in tons of pollen, toxins, chemical exhaust, and other impurities and bacteria. Just because you can’t see it on your carpet doesn’t mean it isn’t there doing its work. The only way to truly make sure a carpet is clean of harmful chemicals and bacteria is to get it professionally cleaned by a responsible, trusted company like Curtice Chem-Dry. This is especially true for households with sufferers of asthma or seasonal allergies.

All Carpet Cleaning Methods are the Same

When it comes to removing dirt, grime, chemicals, odors, and bacteria, all carpet cleaning methods are most certainly not created equal. Each method is different and yields different results. For instance, a cleaning method like ‘shampooing’ or ‘bonneting’ might seem to clean the surface of a carpet but could leave a sticky chemical residue that has the potential to harm furniture or wood floors. Other methods use either high-pressure hot water to extract dirt and grime, or dry chemicals and compounds that are then mixed with high-pressure steam to deep clean. Making sure you’re getting the deepest clean possible means pursuing pressurized extraction to get deep into a carpet’s base and meticulously extracting all the unwanted material from each fiber.

All a Company Needs to Clean Your Carpet is the Right Equipment

Even if a company has all the materials needed to clean a carpet, this is not necessarily a guarantee that you’ll end up with a pristine carpet wherever you end up going. A company can invest in the most state-of-the-art, high-powered hot water extraction machine on the market, but if its employees haven’t been trained to use it properly, it doesn’t matter how great the machine is. Each carpet cleaning company depends on its employees to be trained well and do a great job with the complex materials required to clean carpets thoroughly. It’s not something you can simply trust to a machine to do. That’s why doing the research and choosing a trusted, professionally renowned company is always the first step to getting a clean, odor-free carpet that looks just like new.

You Should Always Go with the Cheapest Price

Similarly, it doesn’t always pay to be on the lookout for a bargain. While there are many great companies out there who charge reasonable prices for their services, it’s always best to compare and contrast quality of service without using price as the main determinant. When it comes to having your carpet cleaned by a reliable company that you’ll come back to again and again, cost should not be your deciding factor. Find a company that cares about the work that they do, and that supplies you a fully satisfying clean. Don’t get hung up on prices. This is especially true when it comes to cheaper brands who only charge for removing dirt and neglect to remove pollen, bacteria, and other residue due to the cheaper price offered. When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you want to be thorough. Choose the company that’s offering a few dollars more for their services if it means getting the better clean.