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How to Brainstorm About Interior Design with Your Roommates

For some people, interior design goes beyond a hobby or an interest. It can be a passion. From marketing high end homes, to seeking to renovate a single-wide, or even renting an apartment, all of the above requires a smidgeon of knowledge about comfortable home décor and interior designs. And some of those people live with roommates, many of whom have varying ideas on what makes great interior designs. Read on to discover how you can brainstorm with your roommates on the home décor of your shared space.

Open the Table to Opinions and Collaborations

When you begin an interior design conversation, make sure everyone is open to difference of opinion and collaboration. Make the endeavor to reach a compromise about the home décor in your home or apartment. Then, with the help of your roommates, meet that endeavor by keeping an open mind to new ideas. Without an open mind, you could have disaster, disorder, and a not-so-pleasant place to live. The whole point of collaborative interior design is to bring harmony to a home.

Divide and Conquer, Or Assign a Room

You can take two different approaches to interior design with roommates. Each roommate can have an assigned room for their décor prowess. Or, you can divide and conquer the entire house together with agreed upon design ideas. While the first option allows for more creative freedom, the second option is better for a uniform design throughout your home.

Lay Down the Ground Rules for Designs

When you want to share the responsibilities of interior design with your roommates, it’s important to set some boundaries. For example, black is a bad color for walls, but stark white can be a glaring problem too. You can start with color guidelines, since bright and light tones are often space openers that promote comfort and natural light throughout a room.

Set Budgets for Interior Designs of Each Room

If you and your roommates decide to split the interior design responsibilities into assigned rooms, make sure everyone knows their budgets. You can opt for a shared fund for the entire home. Or, make it the responsibility of each person to take care of their own room’s décor budget. It’s whatever you can all agree upon.

The aforementioned methods for talking interior design with your roommates have the requirement of an open mind and collaborative qualities. You have to keep in mind that everyone has a different idea of their perfect interior décor. If you remember that everyone has their own opinion, it will make it easier to embrace someone else’s idea of a great interior design, even if that idea doesn’t match your own.