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Ask these six questions to your electricians

If you are going to hire an electrician for your office or home job, there are certain things whihc you should know about. Like  is the vendor safe or do they offer any warranty or have any hands on experience of the task they have been hired for. There are several other questions you should ask to your 24 hours electrician tools service provider before you hand him the job-

  • What if you are not satisfied with the service

Ask the electrician will he take guarantee or responsibility of the task being performed or if he wil ensure the satisfaction metrics. If not, then who will be responsible for the customer satisfaction and whom should you complaint if you didn’t find the job done up to the mark.

2)  Ask if he is qualified enough to do the job

Before you finally hand him over the job, ask him if he is qualified or certified to do the task, There are chances that some apprentices who do not have proper certification might turn up at your doorstep. Hence, this is important to enquire at your level, if he is skilled for handling the situation and the tools which he might require during the job.

3) Enquire about the years of experience

Another question you need to ask is he an expert in electrical service or whether he holds any experience of this task or related task. This is to ensure that the vendor has not sent any novice resource to just fill in the place. Hence, enquire whether he has worked before and where. It is better if you can get some information about the task you are going to handover to these professionals so that you can mini quiz them.

4) Ask if he has any team

Before he takes over the work, ask if he has a team who will help him or will he be the one man army. Also ask, whom should contact and who will be supervising the entire job. If he is accompanying two of the juniors electrician, ask who will be leading the task and whom responsibility it will be to take care of the fulfillment of the job.

5) Is he insured?

This is one of  the most important question you should consider asking even before handing over or telling him what task he is going to handle. Do enquire about whether he is insured by his employer or of his own and what all has been covered. Basically, this is for your safety and you should not compromise on such things even if it means getting a little nagging.

6) Where you can rate him?

If you like the services, do not forget to ask him where he would like to receive the ratings and reviews for his services. You reviews might help him get more business and help other people like you who are looking for same services but are unable to find the tried and tested service provider.