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10 Little-Known Home Safety Tips


There are all sorts of things people do to keep their home safe: motion-detectors, spotlights, installing a safe room, securing the alarm system each night. There’s even more you can do, though, to keep your home, family and belongings safe whether you’re home or not. Here are little-known tips about home safety.

1. If your front door has glass that someone can see through, make sure that your security keypad is out of view in case someone looks in the window. You don’t want a burglar or intruder to notice that your alarm hasn’t been set.

2. It’s common to keep your belongings in your master bedroom, usually in the nightstand, but this is the first place where burglars are going to look. Instead, put your valuables in your child’s sock drawer to keep them safe. It’s common for burglars to not go into a child’s room.

3. Put your car keys near your bed when you go to sleep. If you think that someone is breaking in in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to press your car’s panic button to sound the alarm. Hopefully, this will scare the intruder away. You’ll also be able to keep your car keys in your hand if you need to run out of the house and to safety.

4. Get rid of your front door’s mail slot. Mail slots are installed against the grain, which can weaken the door and make it easier to break into. If you need a mail slot on your front door, it should be toward the bottom.

5. Have a neighbor get your mail and flyers when you’re out of town. One of the most obvious ways to know a house is empty is by seeing a buildup of newspapers and flyers on the front step or in the mailbox. Some burglars will even leave the flyers themselves to see how long it takes them to be cleared away.

6. Ground floor windows are common places for burglars to break into or peer into to scope out your house. Deter them by planting thorny shrubs right underneath. A rose bush will look gorgeous and provide a bit of armor for your home.

7. If you’re heading out on a road trip, resist the urge to load up the car the night before. It’s much safer to pack it in the morning because you reduce the risk of someone noticing that you’re leaving for the weekend.

8. Keep the ringer on your home phone turned down low. A ringing phone that goes to the answering machine is a surefire sign that your house is empty.

9. If you keep a pile of wood outside, make sure to store it safely. If you pile it up underneath a window, it can serve as a ladder for someone who wants to break in. Either keep them in your garage or place them in a far corner of your yard.

10. Whenever you have contractors or workers at your house, make sure to double-check that the windows and doors are locked once they leave. When someone plans on returning later to rob your home, they’ll often unlatch one of the windows to provide themselves with easy access. If you’re using a locksmith, make sure to always choose a reputable one with a license and good reviews from past customers.

Thinking about a stranger being in your home is scary, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to preventing burglars and staying safe when you’re either home or away on a trip.