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Turn Your Patio into a Tropical Paradise

Why not develop a tropical paradise theme for your patio? Envision all the gorgeous blues and greens of a sandy paradise, and select items that inspire all the relaxation of a luxury vacation. Here are some thoughts and tips from Wicker Paradise.

Wicker Furniture for a Tropical Feel

When choosing patio furniture, consider wicker. Wicker furniture has been a popular choice for outdoor furniture for decades. The woven material is attractive and durable, but most of all it has a classic look that we associate with lounging around on a tropical vacation. White wicker and honey colored wicker especially exude all the warmth and charm expected of an outdoor paradise. The bright white or golden hue of this furniture is sunny and cheerful. Pair it with blue or green cushions inspired by the clear skies and cool waters of a tropical paradise to achieve an attractive look.

Add Plenty of Flora

To further develop your outdoor paradise, add some potted plants reminiscent of palm trees to your space. Use khaki, white or floral fabrics to decorate your patio with additional cushions, curtains or shade umbrellas. Consider lounging on a wicker sofa after a swim and drinking a glass of ice cold lemonade. Lean back against some plush cushions and feel all the relaxation of a seaside vacation. After an afternoon of solitary relaxation, pull some wicker chairs up to your patio table and prepare to socialize with friends during an evening outdoors. Develop your patio area with these ideas in mind, and your furniture and decor can create a welcoming environment that feels as comfortable as a cool breeze off the water.