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Important Questions to Ask Your Basement Waterproofing Contractor before Hiring

Basement waterproofing is a service that can save you lots of money in damage repairs if done well in advance. Because of the technical bits involved, you may not be able to do it yourself and as such the wisest decision would be to hire a basement waterproofing contractor. When evaluating contractors, it is important to speak to several of them to get multiple views on your job and if possible get their cost estimates.

If you are not quite sure where to begin in your hiring decision, below are some questions that can start you off in your hunt for a knowledgeable, experienced, and fairly-priced basement waterproofing contractor.

What is Your Insurance and Licensing Status?

This is the first question you need to ask your contractor before you decide to give them your basement waterproofing project. Because of the nature of the project, there are certain building permits that the contractor needs to have before undertaking the project.

Even in instances where a permit is not necessarily required, the workers should be insured preferably with workers compensation and liability insurance. This will protect you financially in case something goes wrong while they are in your premises.

How Long Have You Been in This Business?

The length of time a contractor has been in the basement waterproofing business is an indicator of their experience in your particular kind of job. In the event they recommend a particular repair process, you can ask them the duration of time they have used the process as this will help you determine their competency as well as the viability of the particular basement waterproofing repair process.

Do You Have any References?

A contractor who has a list of satisfied customers is certainly a plus when looking for a waterproofing repair expert. There are two ways of approaching this; independently and with assistance from the contractor. Whichever way you use to obtain the contacts of the references, ensure you call a few of them both recent customers and those the contractor worked for long time ago. This will help you see the quality of the work the contractor does.

Why Do You Recommend Your Basement Waterproofing System?

There are lots of repair systems and processes in the industry today and it is important to ask your contractor as well as do an independent study to establish how well a particular system will work for you. Do not be afraid to ask about the materials proposed and their role in the overall system.

Do You Offer Any Warranties or Guarantees for Your Work?

A company that offers quality basement waterproofing services will not have a problem guaranteeing its work. That being said, you should not take it for granted but go ahead to ask whether such warranties exist and if they do, the length of time they are offered for and what they cover. Most warranties cover labor and materials to certain extents.

Because every project is different, it is important to know the approach or roadmap your contractor will use in your specific job.