How to Improve Your Home

The thought of moving these days can be daunting. The market has gone flat, you can no longer guarantee getting what you think the property is worth, or even what it was worth a year or two ago, assuming that you can find a buyer at all.

So why do you want to move anyway? You like the neighbourhood where you live, you have many friends nearby but you need more space or perhaps a whole new feel to your home. So why not stay where you are and make the best of the property you have and even increase its value for when the market does pick up.

Let’s think about the options available. You could make better use of the space you have; consider knocking through from the Living Room into the Dining Room? How often do you use the dining room anyway, is it just gathering clutter? This could give you more light and more usable space. Alternatively why not knock through from the kitchen to the Dining Room? Open plan is the way many owners and designers are now thinking so you would make your property more attractive to buyers should you choose to move in the future.

If it really is more space for living you need you should perhaps consider a home extension; popular alternatives are a conservatory, an orangery, a garden room or perhaps a kitchen extension. Any of these would give you additional space but you will need to closely consider your personal requirements and budget.

The fundamental difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory is its structure; a conservatory is generally regarded as a temporary non-integral part of the property whereas an orangery creates a striking visual impact and contributes to the overall appeal of your home with a robust and permanent presence. As you would imagine the cost is reflected accordingly.

Having decided on the type of extension that best suits you, consider the type of design that gives the right space for you and your family using materials to compliment your style of your home. So, whether is a traditional or contemporary style or an eclectic mixture of both, the choice is a matter of personal taste. Good design is about making your home work for you.

So what else could you do to improve your home and make it feel like a new house? Look at the bathroom maybe this could do with a facelift. Consider a walk in shower or a wet room, don’t just consider the aesthetics the cost of taking a shower is about 50% less than the cost of a bath. Wouldn’t it be cosy with under floor heating? The kitchen may also need improving, look at those wall cupboards and drawers all at different angles, they looked great when first installed but time and gravity have taken their toll. How much better would it look with quality granite worktops, a smart and practical island unit, fitted appliances and eye-catching cupboards and drawers?

The opportunities are endless; improve the overall appearance with new double glazed windows and doors or why not go mad and have a swimming pool in your back garden or have the garden landscaped and incorporate a hot tub.

So do you still want to move? All of these things are possible many for less than the cost of estate agents and legal fees not to mention stamp duty, removal costs, decorating and furnishing your new house.